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    Info for Certification Bodies: As communicated previously in the TN 03/2018 the entry of the Producer (Organisation) E-Mail address is obligatory since 16/04/2019. Please note that the e-mail address listed under Organisation E-Mail will not receive any automized notification e-mail. The E-Mail address entered under Responsible E-Mail (which is voluntary) will receive the automized notification e-mails (e.g. registration, acceptance and certification).
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    The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture

    New to our system?

    The GLOBALG.A.P. database was launched in 2005. The main objectives are to increase transparency and integrity considering data security and the ownership of the data. It therefore provides a broad range of services to specific user groups.


    • Online validation tool for certificates (Search)

    For Producer or producer groups (Register)

    • Online notification of the company

    For Trustees such as certification bodies or producer groups (Login)

    • Registration of producer and producer groups
    • Acceptance of products

    For Certification Bodies (Login)

    • Certification and auditing of products

    Further information and database manuals
    GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat c/o FoodPLUS GmbH
    Spichernstrasse 55, 50672 Cologne, Germany
    Email: customer_support@globalgap.org