Important for CBs!!! The version IFA V5.1 was valid till 31.07.19. This is also the last date for a certification decision (DoCD) against IFA V 5.1. It is allowed that you can inspect the extra points of IFA V5.2 and do the decision with v5.2 now (after 1 Aug 2019). You can decide if you inspect them off-site or on-site. You need to do the inspection against these new points very soon to avoid a full inspection against V5.2. If the inspection is older than 3 months, you need to re-inspect the whole checklist before taking an IFA V5.2 decision. Scope extension (adding a new product to an existing 5.1 certificate) is possible, the CB has to fill out a product upload sheet and send it to the Customer Support Team. All the rest is regulated as described in Technical News Issue 01/2019.

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